General information about the chow chow puppy

chow-chow-puppyBefore adapting a dog, there is a need to understand what type of breed and characteristics they have. The temperament of the dog will help the owner understand what will work for the dog.

The Chow Chow puppy for example is distintice looking, the characteristic of this puppy is proud, and independent like a cat.

This puppy is somewhat aloof, and not really suited as a cuddle buddy, but this dog is loyal.

The Chow Chow looks like a lion, with the drollness of a panda, and they also appear to others like a teddy bear. They were first kept as pets in the imperial Chinese kennels.

While they are not really fond of being hugged or fussed over, they are extremely loyal to family members. If they have been raised together with children they can protect the child.

The Chow Chow is highly territorial and protective, for this reason strangers have to approach them with caution.

The Chow Chow puppy is not really speedy, and is not suitable as a jogging companion, but they can accompany people during walking because they have a strong endurance.


When training this dog, it is important to use only verbal correction.

Hitting the Chow Chow won’t lead to anything positive, no dog should be hit because it would be counterproductive, instead of learning they will become violent.

Dogs of this temperament will never respond to hitting, you need to earn their respect and the trainer has to be consistent in order for them to listen.

In order for this dog to be able to blend well, they have to be introduced to new people, dogs and situations while they are still puppies in order for them to feel well adjusted when they become adults.

Chows also bond with only one person in the family, or just the family members and will be highly suspicious of new people inside the house.


In order to maintain the dog’s upkeep, they need to be brushed two or three times a week, in order to make sure that their coat will be kept in good condition.

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Grooming tips for chow chow puppies

Grooming is a crucial part of your chow chow puppies’ health. Start grooming your puppy as soon as he arrives in your home, and do not worry even if he is as young as 2 months. Chow chows can contract many types of diseases if they are not well groomed. For more information about grooming your chow chow puppies, see ChowChowPup!

Generally grooming activities involve coat maintenance, nails maintenance and ear maintenance. Maintaining the coat involves activities such as proper bathing, combing, and drying the coat using dryers. The puppy does not need to be bathed on a daily basis and this assists to keep the skin safe from insulation. Usually chow chow puppies are bathed once a week. You need to use conditioners and shampoos specially meant for dogs such as Tomlyn.chow chow puppies

Combing should be done using a soft brush meant for dogs. There are many types of brushes available depending on the dogs breed. Combing should be done daily and hair that comes off should be thrown away in a dust bin. Otherwise, when you turn on the fan, the hair may get into your nostrils. Go for a comb with fine teeth to take care of the legs, feet and face, and removing the dead hair.

Do not clip too much nail from your chow chow puppies as it may lead to injury of nails. You need to have all the tools needed for the clipping prior to the procedure. Use a sharp nail clipper meant for dogs. Live nail part can be clipped easily. During the procedure hold the puppy firmly, if you don’t, the puppy might take an upper hand during the clipping leading to injury.

The ear can be checked regularly by the use of a sterilized fabric for cleaning. You will need to be in good control of your chow chow puppies table by selecting a good grooming table with a surface that does not slip.